Windows 8 Poll – One year later, what do you think of Windows 8/8.1?

So it’s been quite a while since Microsoft released Windows 8 and then subsequently, Windows 8.1 and I haven’t checked in in a while.

As you all may know, I wasn’t a huge fan and even thought Windows 8.1 did alleviate a lot of the ills of Windows 8, the Operating System has still been hard to deal with and hasn’t exactly picked up droves of fans.

To that end I wanted to check in and see what you all thought 16 months later.

We put together this poll below and we wanted to see whether your opinions of the Windows 8.x Operating Systems had changed a year after release.

So here goes..

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    • Arnold
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    • WillyThePooh
  3. Rumin8
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  5. Vince Glass
  6. dj
  7. dmart5761
  8. Andrew Wyatt
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