Windows 8 Posts A Small Gain In Market Share In March

According to Net Applications, that is. While most eyes are on the upcoming Windows Blue update set for release later this year, Windows 8 continues its ascent to the top of the rankings.

The latest statistics for the month of March show that Windows 8 continues to gain new users at a slow pace, as its market share increased to only 3.1 percent last month.

Taking a trip down the memory lane reveals that Windows 8 ended of October 2012 (the month that saw its public release) with a share of 0.41 percent, which eventually increased to 1.72 percent by December 31.

Windows 7, however, remains the top operating system in the world as many find this version of the operating system as the one that gets the job done perfectly — and then some.

The OS kept the leading spot with a market share of no less than 44.73 percent.

Windows XP follows with 38.73 percent and Vista finally recorded a dip below the five percent mark with a showing amounting to 4.99 percent worldwide.

A sign of things to come, some may say.

The Windows 8 Touch entry, meanwhile, inched towards 0.12 percent last month. This variant of Microsoft’s newest operating system is the one installed on touch capable devices. And judging by how things stand, it may take a fair while to even crack the 1 percent threshold.

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