Windows 8 Pro install and upgrade tip – Clean Install

So a pretty obvious tip here but this one is based on my recent experience.

I recently upgraded my primary PC to Windows 8 Pro and made the mistake of doing the actual upgrade as opposed to a clean install.

To set the context, I am an online marketer and a techie as well so I have more apps and files on my PC than you would believe. I also have a pretty quick PC with 8GB of RAM so I figured that Windows 8 would be a solid improvement over Windows 7 performance wise.


My PC  seemed just as sluggish as it was on Windows 7 and it was really frustrating to put up with it.

So today, I did what I should have done in the first place and started from scratch. I did a backup and then wiped the hard drives clean. Then I did a fresh INSTALL of Windows 8 Pro.

Night and day.

Now the PC is humming along like a well tuned engine.

My advice – avoid the upgrade option as much as humanly possible and use the clean install. It’ll save you a lot of heartache.

What about you guys? What’s been your experience with Windows 8 installs?

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