Windows 8 Quickly Gains More Users

Boy that was fast! Windows 8 may yet have some surprises hidden under its sleeve. Microsoft’s latest operating system showed some impressive signs of growth, the latest data from StatCounter shows.

The last time we checked (March 20, by the way) Windows 8 enjoyed a 3.77 percent market share. But now it seems that more and more users are enjoying Microsoft’s latest operating system as within the span of a week it blasted past the 4 percent milestone.

Windows 8 is now finally at 4.12 percent global market share, and firmly sits as the fifth most popular operating system in the world, overtaking the iOS platform.

Next stop would be old friend, Windows Vista and then a worthy rival Mac OS X.

Windows 7, unsurprisingly, is the number one OS in the world with a commanding 51.41 percent market share, while Windows XP still latches onto second place with 23.52 percent.

Mac OS X is at third with 7.52 percent and Windows Vista rounds up the top four with 5.4 percent.

Most industry circles expect Windows 8 to really tee off in the coming months as the platform matures and more devices powered by Microsoft’s latest operating system maker their way to the market.

Most have their eyes on the middle of 2013 when Windows Blue is expected to launch as the first major Windows 8 makeover. Codename Blue is said to bring a long list of improvements, user interface enhancements along with new features.

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