Windows 8 Quote of the day – Part 3 – Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes

First, there’s no proven market for Windows tablets, in particular when it comes to consumers. Yes, I know that iPads sell as fast as Apple can make them, but a market for the iPad doesn’t automatically mean a market for Windows 8 tablets. Did a huge demand for the iPod signify a massive market for high-end media players? No. Sure, there was a low-end, low-margin market, but this market pretty much killed itself by running headlong to a race to the bottom when it came to price — and most of the time, quality too. If Windows tablets come with a bigger price tag than the iPad then they’re dead in the water. People don’t buy tablets based on features; they look at the price tag. If Microsoft wants to be in with a chance, it had better make sure that the price is right. Ultimately, unless you’re Apple, selling a tablet comes down to price. Get that wrong, and the device is more than likely toast. Source: ZDnet]]>

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