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Tim Worstall – Forbes contributor:

I could argue this from an entirely personal perspective. Sure, I use a computer as the essential tool for making my daily bread and butter. I use Windows simply because that’s what every cheap computer on the market comes pre-loaded with. Plus I’ve near 20 years experience of using one form of Windows or another (no, really, I had Windows 1.0 at one point). But I don’t actually use “Windows” if you see what I mean. I use something that opens a word processor, I use something that will allow a browser to run. And that really is about it. I’m sure my experience of computing is similar to the vast majority of people out there too. We’re no more interested in which OS we use than which spark plugs are in our car’s engine. As long as it works then we’re happy. Which is the danger of presenting us with an entirely new way (the Metro interface which pretty much insists that you access as if you’re on a tablet) of interacting with the computer. If we’ve got to learn all this new stuff well, why not go off and use some other OS that doesn’t force us to do so? Or one that we don’t have to pay for?
He spells out the potential danger zone with Microsoft changing the OS so radically. The point where people decide that if they have to learn something new, let’s see what else is out there. Interesting…]]>

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