Windows 8 Rakes Up 1% Market Share

Net Applications reveals that Microsoft’s newest operating system is slowly finding its way onto computers the world over. More and more users are making the jump to Windows 8, giving it a 1.01% market share. Putting it ever so slightly below the 1.37% share that Linux enjoys. All flavors of it, obviously. Windows 7 still remains the king of the hill with a commanding 45.56%, the second biggest contender being the trusty old Windows XP which came in at 39.50%. The middle of the table is surrounded by various versions of Mac OS X. They make up anything from a single to two percent of the worldwide OS market share. One thing worth taking into account is the fact that the 1% figure does not take into account the Windows 8 Touch and Windows 8 RT Touch versions of the operating system. These two variants barely register in the calculations. But all that is set to change in the coming months as Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets find their place in the hands of consumers. Still, it appears that it will be a few good years (a couple, at least) before the new OS takes over the throne from Windows 7, if at all.]]>

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