Windows 8 Release Date – I'm predicting September 2012 and here's why…

superb interview with Rafael and Ed. During the interview, they were asked when they thought Windows 8 would be released. Ed said October and Rafael said September. I have actually long thought that October would be a very odd month to release an Operating System. A lot of the Fall computer purchasing decisions get made toward the end of August and month of September. An October launch would be late at least for the United States. I think that based on the speed of development, commitment to dates and a willingness to under promise and over deliver, Windows 8 will be released to stores between September 15th and September 30th 2012. It also kinda seems like a Steven Sinofsky type move. From a marketing perspective, that would be a great window for an OS release. It leaves the entire month of August open for advertising and effectively attempts to stop consumers from picking up that iPad or Macbook Pro before they have tried a Windows 8 device. In addition, I think that Microsoft are going to release Windows 8 and spend most part of 2013 refining the product with patches and fixes. In my opinion, this will launch when it’s good enough and not when it’s perfect. Finally with a bunch of MacBooks out there trying to suck all the oxygen out of the marketplace, the pressure from OEM’s must be INTENSE for Microsoft to get this out there. That’s my take, what do you think? When will we see Windows 8 on the store shelves?]]>

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