Windows 8 release date – Summer of 2012?

  • WinStore Beta will launch in January 2012.
  • The Release Candidate for Windows 8 (RC) will roll out at MIX 2012.
  • Windows Phone 8 Apollo expected in 2012 as well.
  • Windows 8 RTM build is also expected to be released in June 2012.
  • August 2012 – Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launch.
  • The rumors even touch Windows 9 as well.
    • Windows 9 developer preview is expected to go live during BUILD 2013.
    • Windows 9 Release Candidate is slated to arrive during MIX 2014
    • Windows 9 RTM build with Internet Explorer 12 during BUILD 2014
    • Windows 9 Mobile debuts and go commercial in November 2014.
    • Windows 9 will be due in 2014.
    My take is that a lot of this is nonsense. The only reasonable thing to take from this bag is that Windows 8 may launch next summer. Summer makes sense because of all the tablet vendors making noises about launching tablets next fall. Look out for more unsubstantiated rumors about the Windows 8 release date on the web. It’s getting to that time of year.  :-)]]>

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