Windows 8 release date – too early, too late or just right?

So, there’s a new blog post by Mary Jo Foley called “Windows 8: Beta collectors waiting with bated breath for a leak”.

It basically talks about the fact that we are waiting to see the new OS, it’s starting to leak out etc etc..

You can read it here.

What drew my attention to the post however was a comment made on the blog by a reader called “Socratesfoot”.

This is what he said.

[ in response to features described by Ms. Foley]

“Windows 8 feature known as ?History Vault.? The site described History Vault as Microsoft?s answer to Apple?s Time Machine.”

If roles were reversed I’m sure MS would be threatening to sue Apple; but no problems borrowing from them when it’s an Apple feature they want to copy.

Anyway, I don’t want tiles on my phone…I certainly don’t wan it on my desktop. I’m good. Looks like I’ll be on XP all the way to 2014.

Now, in isolation, thats just funny and amusing but it made me think about the following.


os-traffic-controlSeems like Microsoft have been struggling to get the balance right regarding the OS refresh cycle. Windows 7 has been around for 2 years now and has started to see wide adoption.

What do you guys think about 2012/2013 for a new Operating System?

Too long or just right?

I have to confess I have changed my mind about this one a little bit.

A year ago, I thought that 2012 would be too soon but now in 2011, after having used Windows 7 for a while, I’m not so sure. It might be nice to have more Operating System options available next year as long as they add a lot of value and aren’t mostly cosmetic.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that 2012 will probably be the year of the Operating System. Microsoft may have more pressure from others (Goolge, Apple) than they anticipate.

What do you think? Take the poll below…

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