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The Windows 8 Release Preview will arrive in the first week of June 2012

Build Windows 8 Twitter feed. [caption id="attachment_16094" align="alignnone" width="564"]Windows 8 Release Preview announcement Twitterfeed Windows 8 Release Preview announcement Twitterfeed[/caption] This is the stage of software development that comes right after the beta or in the case of Windows 8, the Windows 8 consumer Preview. The Windows 8 Beta or Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released on February 29th of 2012. Based on the meticulous march toward the finish line, we can expect 2 things.

  • The Windows 8 Release Preview will be the final release before production.
  • Windows 8 will be released to the general public this year (either September or October).
Exciting times are ahead folks. Stay tuned for much more.]]>

Written by Onuora Amobi


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  1. Instead of Micro$oft naming it Windows 8, it should be called Micro$oft Metro.  Windows will now only exist through Metro’s desktop app.

    • Hope that is not the case, and MS learns from this but then again who am I kidding, it looks like Vista all over again. Well there is always Linux.

    • Hello Lason… the 80’s called.. they want their dollar sign back.  Really, still doing that?  You realize every company, every company is out to make money?
      Sorry, it makes you look silly and less-credible.

  2. Windows ME, Windows Vista … will Windows 8 be listed among the ultimate Microsoft failures? At least we have Stardock’s StartMenu for Win8 to give it back to us. The idea of using a touchscreen phone/tablet interface on a non-touchscreen desktop is completely stupid.

    • It’s not really stupid at all. If you don’t have a touchscreen monitor, you can use your mouse pointer to drag the screen images left and right across the monitor instead of swiping the screen with a finger. Or use the mouse wheel to do the same thing.  I have a touchscreen tablet and actually prefer using my Bluetooth mouse for scrolling instead of using a finger because I have more control over the scroll. And the screen stays a lot cleaner because I’m not touching it all the time. I hope everyone will be more open minded than what I’ve seen so far, and won’t let the so-called experts tell us what we like or don’t like, or tell us what does or doesn’t make sense. Just try it. You’ll be surprised.

  3. Here is the thing. I installed developer preview when it was released. Didnt like it, went back to Windows 7. Then when consumer preview came out i installed inspite of disliking the developer preview because i knew there was potential in the previous release. I am now using Consumer Preview and i would go back to 7 for anything. I dont know what is the big fuss.. I personally like the metro style but if you dont like it just turn it off. its not a big deal. I just think with metro everything is there you dont have to go and search for everything. With the final release if they fix some bugs and make more usefull apps for windows 8 in my opinion it will be the best SO microsoft have made since XP.

    • Agree. I’ve never really understood all the fuss about Metro either. I don’t use it all the time, but I don’t have any problems with it, and find myself using it more and more as time goes on.

  4. Dear Onuora,
    To make Windows Product unique from one another according to its fuctionality, it need names and time to finally declare the Windows Product to the market.
    For most of the users, they don’t mind about the name for the new product as long as the product will give a satisfactory live performances with maximum comfort on the machine.
    More on that, it will stay there with the machine forever. It happen to my dell inspiron 8600 machine, it does a good job running with any Windows XP, but when I go to dell website the machine can run Windows Vista and Windows 7, then I try and find out and it did but get slower with Windows Vista and Windows 7, then I add Windows Developer Preview, All the Operating System works fine, the speed changes and everything in the system shows good performances as if it was automaticaly repaired. The new Windows Developer Preview has proven its capability in maintaining the dell inspiron 8600 machine.
    I’ve learned that Microsoft has release so many Operating System with so many names given. As far as I know, Windows XP ( Home, Proffesional, Corporate, OEM, etc.), Windows Vista ( Starter, Home, Professional, Corporate, etc.), Windows 7 ( Ultimate, Proffesional, Home, etc), are mostly known and used by individuals according to the vendor near my place. For this time version of Windows, As a leak from Mr. Onuora, Microsoft has announce 5 different types of Windows will be release and it will be generally accepted by public sometimes either September or October this year, which is still far way to go.
    Thank you

  5. I know this might be irrelevant to this particular discussion but it just comes to show how much more popular Apple has become over microsoft, WWDC 2012 was announced earlier today, and tickets sold out in just 2 hours! WWDC is expected to show the new Mountain Lion OS and iOS 6.
    Tickets to microsoft events dont sell out this quickly!

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