The Windows 8 Release Preview will arrive in the first week of June 2012

Build Windows 8 Twitter feed. [caption id="attachment_16094" align="alignnone" width="564"]Windows 8 Release Preview announcement Twitterfeed Windows 8 Release Preview announcement Twitterfeed[/caption] This is the stage of software development that comes right after the beta or in the case of Windows 8, the Windows 8 consumer Preview. The Windows 8 Beta or Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released on February 29th of 2012. Based on the meticulous march toward the finish line, we can expect 2 things.

  • The Windows 8 Release Preview will be the final release before production.
  • Windows 8 will be released to the general public this year (either September or October).
Exciting times are ahead folks. Stay tuned for much more.]]>

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