Windows 8 Roaming Cloud Profiles

we have discussed this here several times. Well, it seems that Microsoft agree. A user at the MDL forums has unlocked some interesting new features in the the next version of Windows. The user uncovered a control panel item for “Roaming Options” under User Accounts. [caption id="attachment_3098" align="alignnone" width="590"]Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 1 Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 1[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3099" align="alignnone" width="590"]Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 2 Windows 8 Roaming Profiles 2[/caption] The Roam Options allow users to roam the following items:

  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Aero Glass Color
  • Ease of access control panel
  • Magnifier
  • On screen keyboard
  • Narrator
  • Speech recognition settings
  • Language profile
  • Text prediction preferences
  • IME dictionary
  • Application settings and search history
  • Windows Taskbar settings
  • Windows Explorer settings
  • Windows Search settings
  • Windows Mouse settings
  • Wireless network profiles
  • Saved website credentials
Interesting note: At the bottom of the screen are Network Options. Windows 8 appears to have the ability to distinguish between networks that charge for data, such as 3G networks, and those that have limited bandwidth. This will be helpful.]]>

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