Windows 8 running on 1.64 percent of PCs, according to Net Applications

Back in November, Net Applications gathered data from 40,000 websites to bring us a claim that Windows 8 was installed on 1.09 percent of all PCs throughout the globe. Now a new update has arrived for December.

What happened in a month? Not a whole lot it seems. Instead of 1.09%, we are now at 1.64 percent. While this is growth, it certainly isn’t as massive as Windows 8 fans would hope for. Still, that’s at least more of a share than Linux holds in the PC world, with its 1.21 percent market share in December.

Other data from Net Applications concluded that Windows 7 is on top with 44.94 percent of the market and that Windows XP is at 39.82%. As for Vista? It has just 5.59 percent.

For those with Macs, Apple managed to have 6.3% of the market when you combine numbers from OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.

As we’ve said hundreds of times in the past, Windows 8 is a dramatic change from what we’ve seen in Windows up until now. Such change doesn’t come easy and isn’t accepted automatically. Microsoft has yet to win everyone over to the new UI, but 1.64% is a start.

With continued growth in the Windows Store and a strong advertising presence, Microsoft will likely see much larger growth throughout the year.

Have you switched to Windows 8 yet? If not, what is holding you back from making the jump?

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