Windows 8 running on ARM – so what?

All over the web there has been excitement and semi buzz about Windows 8 coming out on the ARM platform.

In many ways however, I believe that this is much ado about nothing.

Even if Windows 8 is released and there is a version that runs on ARM processors and therefore mobile, smaller devices, the question still remains – who wants to run Windows on a tablet.

The success of Apple’s Ipad is precisely because Apple sought to build a new tablet operating system that would be driven primarily by the use of the human finger.

Ipad OS driven primarily by the use of the human finger

It’s success is largely a reflection of the fact that from the bottom up, it had a fresh and intuitive design.

Here, we are talking about Windows 8, the successor to Windows 7.

Microsoft showed us absolutely no part of the new User Interface for Windows 8 so the question I have is, will there be 2 new interfaces for Windows 8?

One for regular PC’s and one for tablets/mobile devices?¬†Or is Microsoft saying we should rejoice because the Windows OS will look and feel the same on tablets and x86 machines?

Newsflash – Windows 8 on ARM will not be successful because they get the current Windows functions and OS to run on an ARM chip. Windows 8 on ARM will only be successful if, (like Apple), they are able to scale back Windows and make sure that mobile devices running Windows 8 have an aesthetically pleasing and USEFUL UI design.

Apple did not use the same UI for laptops that they did for the Ipad.

Let’s hope Microsoft does not make that mistake…

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