Windows 8 Sales Said To Be Well Below Expectations

While the official sales figures for Windows 8 are yet to be revealed, industry insiders have noted that sales of the new operating system are unexpectedly low. In fact, Microsoft is said to be already disappointed with Windows 8 sales. How much of that is because of the quick success of Windows 7, and how much of that is because of the radical changes in Windows 8 is up for debate. Official figures may not be out, but Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer did say a little while back that the company managed to sell 4 million units of Windows 8 in the first week. But that is all we have for now. The Vice President of NPD Group, Stephen Baker talking to AllThingsD said that Windows 8 was a bit of a failure in the sense that everybody had high expectations given the very strong launch of Windows 7 a few years back.

“I would say that Win 8 has had a faster ramp than Win 7 since launch, but Win 7 had a much stronger launch,” Baker was noted as saying. “When Win 7 was released the retail channel was fairly clean with few Vista systems remaining. This year, there was a lot of older inventory that needed to sell through before Win 8 product could really start to sell. That is slowly fixing itself as Win 8 keeps growing each week. But it started off with a much weaker share of volume than Win 7 did.”
One thing is clear: Windows 8 has failed to achieve the success that the previous iteration of Windows accomplished right off the blocks. It will pull in the numbers (it has the unconquered tablet frontier on its side), but my guess is that it will take a fair while.]]>

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