Windows 8 Starts Gaining Market Share As XP Finally Declines

“To summarize, we recommend Windows XP customers focus on an accelerated departure from Windows XP, with the goal to move to an environment with Windows 8 deployed side-by-side with Windows 7”. And the efforts seem to be paying off. Latest figures released by Net Applications confirm that Microsoft XP finally dropped to less than a 40 percent market share — 39.82% as a matter of fact. Windows 7 still held the top spot worldwide in November with a share of 44.71%. The latest OS is slowly but steadily making its ascent to the top with figures of 1.09%, a figure that is very much confirmed to rise in the coming months and years, as the tech giant already confirmed that it will stop providing support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. To prevent another Windows Vista fiasco, Microsoft ran a very special upgrade promotion for its latest operating system on launch — a move which came out good. Official figures come in at 40 million licenses moved for Window 8, but while a lot of these users snapped up the licenses at these species prices, but apparently are yet to upgrade.]]>

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