Windows 8 Tablet Requirements – Part 1

July 25, 2011

Startup Time This one say it all. From a cold start to full functionality takes my Ipad 21 seconds. The video below shows that it can be done in faster This is a no brainer. Any Microsoft attempt to release anything that starts above 45 seconds will be considered an Epic fail. The idea here is to match or beat Apple – period. A Windows 8 tablet also needs to be off or on. You dont feel any noticeable lag with an Ipad 2 once it’s come on. It’s just on. We don’t need to see the Windows 8 tablet running services and starting up slowly like a senior citizen getting out of bed. It just needs to work. The next feature is:

Battery Life

This one is simple too. The battery needs to last and last. The nutty thing about Ipads is they seem to run forever. I charge my Ipad once every 2 days and it seems to be just fine after heavy daily use. Granted the batteries for these things are huge but Microsoft need to make sure that Windows 8 for tablets is the most efficient OS that they have come up with. There can be no issue with battery life otherwise the tablet is dead in the water. As a former HTC Evo owner, I can tell you that it doesnt matter how cool or fast your device is if you need to charge it everywhere you go. If people need to carry chargers for these Windows 8 Tablets, we will officially call time of death for Windows 8 for tablets here on this website. If Apple can build a big battery, no reason why Microsoft can’t do the same…]]>

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