Windows 8 Tablet Review: (Chinese Import) Haina Digital Windows Tablet

  • 1.66 GHz Atom N450 processor.
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • 10-inch1366 x 768 resistive multitouch display.
  • Blutooth.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • 3G.
  • VGA and LAN port.
  • Accelerometer.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • USB and mini USB ports.
  • While resistive screens aren’t exactly great, the other specs are on par with what you’d expect from a netbook at least. So how does the unit actually perform? We’ll start with design:

    Look and Feel

    While I personally haven’t put my hands on this unit, from everything I’ve read up on it, it feels extraordinarily cheap. Its all plastic and certainly not of high quality design, still I must admit that it is actually rather attractive at first glance. The red/black design looks trendy, though certainly it has more of a casual appeal than a business one. Additionally, a resistive screen is pretty much garbage unless you are using a stylus. This alone might be a deal breaker for many users out there.

    Hardware Performance

    Consider its specs like a netbook, Atom and just 2GB of RAM. For basic browsing and usage, it will do. I was unable to directly find weight, but based on looks alone I’d say around 2 to 3 pounds. This processor is a very basic one, but it is OK at least.

    Windows 8 Potential?

    Actually… yes, it should work just fine, as long as you are willing to overlook its resistive screen. Oddly enough, its resolution is above the minimum for Windows 8’s METRO interface. So you should at least get decent performance with Windows 8.

    Summing It Up….

    Going into this review, I was basically just showing our readers that there are cheap ‘clones’, even in the Windows world. Do I recommend getting this unit? If you can find it, maybe. Right now I’ve had trouble locating any importers that carry this unit. From what I’ve gathered, this unit goes for as little as $250-$300 in China, but even if you find an importer I would imagine it wouldn’t be any cheaper than $350-$400 by the time it actually arrived to you. A good place to start looking is in fact Ebay, where I found one auction that would send it from China to the US. It had already ended at $375 (With Shipping)… but I’m sure there might be other auctions out there if you really are interested. So who would benefit from a cheaper Chinese model? Gadget-folks that love to tinker, for one. Still, at $300-$400, this is a lot of money to spend for a device that is mostly for tinkering. I suppose once you are done tinkering with it, you could resell or regift it with Windows 8 as a game/e-reader device. Still, I suppose there are at least some users that might find this model worth purchasing. If you know of a Chinese importer that carries this device, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to share such information with our users.]]>

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