Windows 8 Tablets Better Than iPads For Enterprise, Says Research Firm

Never hurts getting some solid confirmation of what any sane person can imagine is the plain truth. And it’s hard to deny Windows 8 based tablets are more of a perfect fit for businesses than any other.

It has been almost four years since Apple launched the iPad, and while the tablet has seen searing success in the consumer market, it just has not been able to crack the enterprise sector as much as the fruity company would have wanted.

Even with such a healthy head start, analysts still believe that Windows 8 tablets can beat iPads when it comes to enterprise and corporate usage.

A detailed new white paper (PDF file) from research firm Moore Insights and Strategy reveal that Windows 8 based tablets have the potential to trump the iPad when it comes to units sales to enterprise customers. A snipped from the piece:

“The new breed of enterprise tablets supports new touch-based scenarios with known IDE (integrated development environment) while supporting full backward compatibility with legacy peripherals and software. iPads require new apps written with new IDEs and do not support legacy OSX apps and hardware.”

The research firm alluded to some of the most popular Windows 8 based tablets available, such as the Dell Latitude 10, the HP ElitePad 900 and the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 and listed several factors and features that tilt the balance Microsoft’s ways.

Much more enhanced security is one reason, as is superior compatibility with current PC enterprise software that iPad lacks. Removable batteries is another — while most Windows 8 based slates come with easily removable (and replaceable) batteries, the battery for iPad can only be replaced by Apple.

Another thing that seals the deal is more ports on Windows 8 slates for expandability.

Still, while the white paper cites some advantages for Apple’s tablet, for instance the better display, the conclusion is that, at least for the moment, the iPad is not the way to go for enterprises that are interested in buying tablets for their workers.

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