Windows 8 – The Finance Application

How to Launch It

    • Invoke the Start Screen by hitting Windows Key.
    • Search for the “Finance” app tile. Clicking it will launch the app.
OR As an alternative, type “Finance” on the Start Screen. The app will come up in the search result list. Clicking it will launch the app. A wallpaper-like photo enriches the welcome screen of the app, along with a news headline and stock market indices below it.

Features of Finance

I did not exaggerate when I claimed that Finance might be the most comprehensive app in providing data. Finance provides a plethora of data like
  • A real time statistical graph of stock market indices
  • Finance news aggregated from various sources
  • Share prices of major companies
  • You can set a watch on selected companies of your choice
  • Rates of mortgage, savings and credit cards
  • Lists of companies ranked on the basis of criteria like past records, performance, funds, etc.
  • Current values of international currencies
  • Financial details of a company like its cash reserves, revenue and profits, funding details, industrial sector, growth details, etc.
All such details are spread across several sections in the app. Like any other Modern app, these sections are organized horizontally, one after another.

Live Tile

Finance feeds a lot of data to its live tile, resulting in a different type of data every time a live tile animates. One form of live tile shows current stock market indices, along with the upward or downward trend. Another form simply shows a photo of stock market building. There is a third form, in which the live tile provides news headlines.]]>

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