Windows 8 tile-based Start screen (for Windows 7)

  • 1. Start the procedure by downloading and installing Rainmeter software.
  • Once you are done with Rainmeter installation, download Omnimo 3.1 skin for Rainmeter.
  • Extract the contents of the zip pack and then double-click on Omnimo.rmskin file to start installing the skin.
  • Once installed, add new panels and arrange them one by one to get the Windows 8 Start screen look.
  • NOTE: The developer of Omnimo Rainmeter skin, fediafedia, is working on a new version of the skin which will bring the exact Windows 8 Tablet UI Start menu to Windows 7 (with Start at the top left and user picture at the top right of the screen) and the skin will be released within a week or two. Until then, you can follow the above procedure to get similar Start screen in Windows 7. Enjoy!]]>

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