Windows 8 Tip: Great keyboard shortcuts Part 1

Win + C – Open Charms Bar Microsoft introduced a new functionality in Windows 8 called the charms bar. These charms bar offer some basic functionality and they can be accessed from anywhere in Windows 8 by pressing the Winkey+ C button.

Win + D – Go to Desktop

You can switch to the desktop from anywhere in to the desktop in Windows 8 by pressing Winkey+ D key.  This shortcut key also works while you are in any metro app.

Win + U – Open Ease of Access Center

Ease of Access center has been improved to a great extent in Windows 8. For those who don’t know what Ease Of Access Center is,
“Ease of Access is a control panel that is included in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. It allows for a simpler method for Windows to adapt to computer users with accessibility needs or who want additional features. Ease of Access makes full use of the new Windows Aero interface, using interactive hyperlinks and the Control Panel explorer to navigate throughout the interface and apply settings.” Wikipedia explains.
You can press Winkey+ U form anywhere in Windows 8 to launch the Ease of Access center.

Win + Z – opens the App Bar for the current Metro application.

Every metro app has some basic options which can be accessed by pressing Win key + Z inside  any metro app. Pressing Win+ Z will bring a bar instantly from the bottom of the screen. all-apps Win key+L locks your PC instantly from anywhere in Windows 8. It will show up the lock screen from where either other users can login or you can login later yourself. This is the first part of a series of posts on Great Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Stay tuned for more.]]>

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