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Want to see what your Windows 8 device can do? Can’t live without your Jack of Tools for Windows Phone? Based on the popular Windows Phone 7 app, Jack of Tools visualizes the device sensors into useful and practical tools like a level, compass, speedometer with heading, altimeter, caliper, and light meter. In this version, we start with the basics but you can look forward to finding all your favorites as we bring it up to par in the next versions. New–Searching, Sharing, and Pinning support.


The Level puts your accelerometer to work with fluidly animating 2D and 1D floating levels. With the unique look you may recognize from Jack of Tools for Windows Phone, the Compass shows you the way with a 3D, shaded dial perfect for vertical operation. Where in the world are you? Get your location on the map with the Location tool. Don’t have a GPS? Give it a shot anyway. You may be surprised what Jack of Tools and Windows 8 can do together. How high are you? Put your height in perspective with the Altitude tool. Curious about your speed? Check out our Metro speedometer in the Velocity tool. Support for US Standard and Metric units. Measure illuminance with the new light meter. Accurately measure small items with your screen.
  • Link to:  Jack of Tools
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Tools
  • Age Rating:  12+
  • Developer:

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