Windows 8: Trends

Post –PC era trends

  • Windows based PCs will become extinct soon and people will opt for mobiles and smartphones.
  • Users want instant access through their data, which was previously accomplished using databases that connected remotely with web browsers. Mobile applications had to be rewritten to make optimal use of available resources.
  • This is not the case with cloud computing era where a thin client on mobile device manages all services needed by the user. The end user’s device no longer determines computing power; the cloud computing architecture defines it.
The PC is still alive Although mobile devices are gaining popularity from users and applications continue to target the mobile platform, the end of PCs is far from over. Microsoft’s latest tryst with Windows 8 client and server edition proves it. Based on Apple iPad’s interface, Windows 8 presents the Metro UI that does all the jobs an IT developer and general end user expects from a computer.  Windows 8: What server has to offer? The client edition may have displayed enormous scope for integration with touch screen devices with the Metro UI but the server edition has reduced its GUI completely. GUI is an optional feature available to server users and the default installation is termed as Server Core with no GUI. The server manager provides multi-server management capabilities and PowerShell is improved to manage all infrastructure servers. Windows 8 Server Improvements Although the Windows 8 interface is a huge change, the improvements coming up in Windows Server 8 are every bit as enormous. As Windows 8 doubled up on its GUI by adding the touch-based Metro interface to the standard Windows Aero interface, Windows Server 8 sheds its GUI entirely. The default installation of Windows Server 8 will be the minimalist Server Core. You can add the GUI as a feature, but the default out-of-the-box installation will set up Windows Server 8 in the Server Core configuration.  What is the new era? Windows 8 has set the landmark for the new era that targets mobile devices as well as desktop computers. The real direction of innovation will be clearly visible once the final release of Windows 8 is made available to the public.]]>

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