Windows 8 Trounces Windows Vista When It Comes To Google Searches

Of course, the new operating system also handily hammers Windows Vista in a lot of other areas, but Google Searches is one of the few spheres that reflect on how the consumers feel about an OS.

But setting consumer feelings aside for a moment, more than a few analysts have compared Microsoft’s latest and greatest to one of its biggest failures — Windows 8 is often called the new Vista — for the sole reason that it has failed to stir up interest in the Windows platform.

These latest statistics, however, show that Microsoft’s new operating system is a fair bit ahead of Vista in terms of the number of related searches on the world’s number one Internet search engine.

A report over at PC Pro reveals that the Google Trends service confirms that the search interest for Windows 8 is a lot higher than the now dead-and-buried, Windows Vista.

If anything, the Vista disaster is now pretty much a thing of the past.

Windows 7, nevertheless, accounted for the biggest share of search volume experienced just after launch. The green strokes in the chart above are an impressive-enough indication of this fact.

The data also reveals that Windows XP is finally losing ground, as the user base slowly moves away from the classic operating system. The past few months, in particular, show that there is a constant decline is interest as well as searches for the 11-year-old OS.

Market share numbers from various sources, in the meantime, indicate that Windows 8 is all poised and ready to take over Windows Vista’s 4.99 percent slice grab very soon.

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