Windows 8 Update Freezes The Start Screen

started the thread on the official Windows support forum explained:

“Suddenly, I can’t get the Start screen to respond.  I’m unable to launch apps, access the Charms bar, etc. By pressing WinKey + D multiple times, I am able to get the Desktop to load. Once loaded, the Desktop seems OK though I can’t access Charms from it either”.
Since then various users have regularly been posting the same problem to the tune of a couple every day. So the problem seems to be spreading as more and more people install the update. Another user noted in the same thread:
“I have the same problem after installing a few Windows 8 updates. The solution that worked for me is to immediately go into the Desktop after Windows 8 loads. Then, run the System Restore utility and restore the system to a date before the updates were installed”.
The only way to solve the freezing problem and get a working machine back is to use the System Restore tool and roll back to a previous restore point. No fix for the problem is posted yet, though a Microsoft support engineer posted a workaround in the above thread. This is something worth keeping an eye out on if you are using Windows 8 on your main computer and have (or are planning) to update it.]]>

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