Windows 8 User Base Finally Eclipses Windows XP

data from StatCounter shows, Windows XP currently powers somewhere around 14.31% of computers the world over. statcounter_august_2014 Windows 8 is at 7.35%, while Windows 8.1 is currently installed on 8.2%. Add the two modern versions together, and the platform has some 15.55% to its name. It goes without saying that the dominant days of Windows XP on the desktop are fast coming to an end. This brings into picture Windows 7, the world’s most popular desktop operating system. Microsoft seems keen on avoiding a similar situation with Windows 7 when its retirement comes around. For this very reason there are whispers that the software titan might give away the next version of the operating system, Windows 9, free of charge to these users. Nothing confirmed so far, but where there is fire, smoke is never far behind.]]>

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