Windows 8 user scenario 1: Startup time

This is the first in a series of posts I will be calling Windows 8 user scenarios.

The idea is, I will write about a possible scenario and how I see Windows 8 playing in it. You get to say yay or nay in the comments section (this is a blog after all)

The first one is PC startup time.

Here’s how this should play.

  • A user sits down in front of his or her Windows 8 PC
  • They turn on the computer
  • No more than 10 seconds later (possibly faster) they have a username and password prompt on the screen.
  • They type in their username and password and are taken immediately into the primary OS
    • Primary OS: Everything a user will need to get started – Browser, Office Suite, Mail, Notepad and 2 or 3 selected applications: These load immediately.
    • Secondary OS: Everything else.
  • The rest of the apps load with the Secondary OS in the background over time.

Note to Windows 8 Development Team!

It’s time for Microsoft to build an intelligent operating system. If I have been on my operating system and havent used a feature in 3 months, maybe it shouldn’t be loaded into memory at startup.

Maybe services that dont get used within 2 weeks should be automatically shut down and the operating system should be continuously learning about what it’s owner is doing?

If most people check email, use a browser and Microsoft Office, maybe my PC should 100% be dedicated to optimizing those 3 programs?

What do you guys think?

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