Windows 8 Users Locked Out By Twitter

WinObserver, Twitter said that:

“As you know, we discourage developers from building apps that replicate our core user experience (aka “Twitter clients”). We know that there are developers that want to take their passion for Twitter and its ecosystem to unique underserved (sic) situations. As such, we have built some flexibility into our policy with regard to user tokens. Unfortunately, it does not appear that your service addresses an area that our current or future products do not already serve. As such, it does not qualify for an exemption.”
Nice and blunt. So if you are using Windows 8 your only choice is to tweet using Twitter’s website to post tweets. The official desktop Twitter client would also have done the job – but it obviously is impossible to install on Windows RT and Surface RT platforms. Of course, one questions the logic of locking out all third-party Twitter clients before the official app for a platform is out, but yeah go figure! The official Twitter app for Windows 8 is expected anytime now, after the company already confirmed that they are working on the project. In fact, Twitter went as far to say that the upcoming app will be, um, “great”. You do wonder what great qualifies for these days, but we’ll know soon enough. Sadly this means the end of the line for a slick little app. Requiescat in pace, Tweetro. Your wings were cut short.]]>

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