Windows 8 Versus Android, OSX, iOS, And Even Itself..

better hardware options. The problem with Android is that the experience is highly fragmented for two reasons: Multiple very different versions of Android are out in the market and there is no hardware standard. With Windows 8 it seems likely they will follow WP7’s example of setting ‘hardware minimums’ that keep fragmentation from becoming an issue. The shear number of choices of Android devices can be confusing to some consumers. After all, consumers might think “this $80 tablet has Android on it, and so does this $300 one, so why spend so much since its the same OS?” In reality that $80 tablet has a 350MHz MIPS (or maybe ARM) processor, limited app support, and few functions. Microsoft will have hardware options without the fragmentation, and that’s a good thing. So in short, what does Windows 8 have to offer versus Android and iOS? It will have more options than Apple’s iPad, less fragmentation and better security than Android, while still offering many of the same ‘good’ features of both. Is that enough to ensure its success? Only time will tell. What is your opinion of Windows 8 when leveraged against the other major mobile competitors? Share your thoughts below!]]>

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