Windows 8 vs Google Chrome OS vs Apple new OS?

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Google are announcing the release of Google’s Chrome OS operating system in 2011.

For those of you who havent paid a lot of attention to Chrome OS, I am attaching a video below.

I believe that a successful version of a Chrome OS type operating system poses the greatest threat to Microsoft.

Based on the age of the company, the recent sluggishness in innovation and other factors, i believe that Windows 9 (not Windows 8 ) will probably be the version of the operating system that we see Microsoft make the big structural changes needed to make Windows exciting.

Operating systems are all going to have to move to the cloud. The only question is who can make that happen the fastest and with the best user experience.

I see where Google are going but they have some way to go. Irnoically, i think that dark horse is going to be Apple here.

From a user experience perspective, they could dominate like no other.

Think about it, they wouldnt need to support drivers from a million vendors and they could acquire or team up with an infrastructure provider for back-end support.

That might be what their Mobile Me effort is about… -a toe in the water toward creating a cloud based OS.

No matter what happens, it’s going to be interesting going forward…

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