Windows 8 Weather Application

How to Launch It

  •  Invoke the Start Screen by hitting Windows Key.
  •   Search for the “Weather” app tile. Clicking it will launch the app.
OR As an alternative, type “Weather” on the Start Screen. The app will come up in the search result list. Clicking it will launch the app. The main screen of the app shows the weather conditions for today, as well as the forecasts for upcoming days.

User Interface and Structure

Weather app excels at using dynamic background, driven by the current weather conditions. For example, if it is rainy outside, you will see cloudy and bluish background in the app. Similarly, in case of a scorching sun, the weather app adapts a bright and yellowish background. The app is divided into several sections, with each section providing different type of statistical data. As per the Modern UI guidelines, Weather app has a horizontal layout, with each swipe (or scroll) bringing the focus on a new section. The sections are as follows.
  • Bing Weather – Weather conditions for today and upcoming days.
  • Hourly Forecast – Details weather data for today.
  • Maps – Lists maps that mark conditions of different weather components.
  • Historical Weather – This section uses data of past weather conditions, and creates a graph for it.

Live Tile

Weather app makes a wonderful use of the Live Tile concept. Once you configure the city of your choice in the app, the app tile becomes live. It shows regularly updated today’s weather conditions of the configured location. The live tile shows the current temperature, location, weather and the temperature range for the day. That’s quite a lot of information! In fact, you may not even need to launch the app frequently.]]>

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