Windows 8 Web Traffic Already Beating Out Android?

about two weeks ago now and yet it is already making a huge splash when it comes to web traffic. In fact, StatCounter is now reporting that more Windows 8 internet traffic is coming in than Android traffic. For those wondering, StatCounter gets its traffic info from various sources across the web. Sure, it might not 100% reflect ALL net browsing traffic, but it should give us a pretty solid idea. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean there are more users surfing the web on Windows 8 tablets– just Windows 8 devices. A great deal of the traffic is likely coming in from those who either bought new PCs or upgraded to Windows 8 from an older version of Windows. Regardless, this helps affirm the fact that Windows 8 is out there in the wild in BIG numbers. This is what happens when you totally redesign an OS. People might complain and say “things are just too different”, but in time they get curious and try it out. Soon they get used to it and move on completely. This happened with the transition from Windows 3.x to 95, and its happening again with Windows 8. A two week old OS beating out the leader of the smartphone world (and second place contender in tablets) is certainly an achievement. The Windows 8 train is chugging along and there seems no stopping it. [ source ]]]>

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