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Windows 8 will be released in October 2012 – Microsoft

Written by Onuora Amobi


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  1. its a non event.  the win8 junkies will be excited, claiming its the next big thing, but looking at what win8 does and the changes, I’d say its a dead duck already. Most of the big industry hitters are saying its a miss, wait for 9,  and since everyone is only just moving up to 7, why bother with 8? In a business network, it means training costs for the users! really, will anyone bother. I doubt it.  Its another Vista, it will be ignored/passed over, on the way to Win9. 

    • You seem to have done a lot of research. Unfortunately you gathered all the wrong data. Windows 8 is contentious, no doubt about it. The benefits from 7 are truly there, but not at the level they are from previous versions. If you have Vista, you would be silly not to pay the 40$ upgrade, just tacked on a couple more years of life onto an old machine for me. If you use XP and your machine can handle 8, you would be outtright stupid not to upgrade (no more 15 minute startup times!). If you are a 7 user, you might want to try to see if the differences meet your taste to justify the increased performance. Dont doggedly believe the bad reviews. I and many like me have found it is very imporant to keep an open mind. Leave your expectations of what Windows should be at the door if you try it. The old way of doing things is gone. If you can kick the old habits, and get used to quick shortcuts. Everything you could do before is either as fast or faster. Plus you get a whole new environment to play in with apps that show how much things have changed.

    • ITchappie — I would agree with you in terms of non-event for corporate users… 7 is stable, scaleable, etc. Only thing 8 brings is better touch screen integration, which for most is a non-issue. I will say however being a huge iPad fan myself from the first release… Windows 8 on the right box is quantifiably better than the iPad. Biggest drawbacks that I see from a samsung slate 7 —
      1. Battery life like a computer (not ipad)
      2. Initial investment (about $300-400 more for the hardware .. definitely worth it)
      3. No onboard cellular carrier (24/7 connectivity)

      • let’s say the 64GB Asus tablet 810 with 8 hours of tablet battery life and 16+ hours with included dock battery life overall and a 11.6 inch screen for $599 and has an active digitizer and a GPS and a NFC chip what beats that?

  2. I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere, I just can’t find it – will the RTM version essentially act like a release and be upgradeable (via updates, etc) or is that only the version in October?  I assume RTM will act like a very early “final” version.

  3. And all the groupies, byteheads and windows nerds will be waiting at the front door. The rest of us could care less.

  4. I got a question, how to I get the $40 deal. When do I take action, and what qualifies. I am really confused.

  5. great news.
    p.s. I like the new wordpress theme. ( Could you please update disqus to the latest version, thanks).

  6. Windows 8 is a FLOP and bad idea. Don’t force everyone to go to what looks like a Tablet Only based OS. I feel Windows 8 shouldn’t be release or rethought out. The Start Menu Removal is a BAD IDEA. Windows 7 Works perfectly fine leave it and don’t change much except adding back Media Player. Microsoft Start Learning from your mistakes instead of making more.

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