Windows 8 will introduce new Family Safety feature

Windows 8 Development Blog. This one is called Microsoft Family Safety. The new security features will allow parents to restrict their kids activity on Windows 8. Some examples:

  • SafeSearch: When web filtering is active, SafeSearch is locked into the “Strict” setting for popular search engines such as BingGoogle, and Yahoo. This will filter out adult text, images, and videos from your search results.
  • Time limits: With Windows 8, you now can restrict the number of hours per day your child can use their PC. For example, you might set a limit of one hour on school nights and two hours on weekends. This is in addition to the bedtime limits currently available in Windows 7.
  • Windows Store: Activity reports list the most recent Windows Store downloads, and you can set a game-rating level, which prevents your children from seeing apps in the Windows Store above a particular age rating.
  • Application and game restrictions: As in Windows 7, you can block specific applications and games or set an appropriate game rating level.
This is FANTASTIC news for Windows 8. As a consumer and a parent, this is exactly the type of thing I would look for when deciding what tablet(s) the whole family is going to share. Some video from Microsoft:]]>

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