Inside Windows 8.1 eBook

Time for another big Windows change.

Hey Windows users! Microsoft has come out with another big change on us and just like I did in my three other Windows related eBooks, I’m here to help you keep track of all the changes in a simple, easy-to-read guide.

Although it’s easy to think that the new Operating System (OS) is just a slightly different version of the Windows 8 most of you have become familiar with, that’s actually not the case. There are a TON of changes with 8.1, but they’re very subtle and without putting them under a magnifying class it’s really hard to get the most out of this new update.

Because the changes aren’t in your face, and are kind of behind the scenes, what this guide does is walk you through those changes so you can take full advantage of this update.

With “Inside Windows 8.1” you will learn how to…

  • Get the most out of your operating system
  • Take advantage of all the newest features
  • Create a customized PC that syncs perfectly with all your other devices
  • Learn awesome hacks, like how to extend your battery life and protect yourself from hackers

… and more.

InsideWindows81Book_CoverThe book is less than 100 pages and is easy to breeze through. If you’re the average user, this will give you an in-depth edge and leave out all the technical mess you don’t care about or even need to know.

Basically – this tells you what to do and cuts the crap.

Here’s a list of just a few of the Windows 8.1 secrets you’ll learn:

  • On Page 8 you’ll learn a boot-up hack that barely anybody else knows about (HINT – you’ll avoid the metro screen and make your life easier)
  • On page 13 you’ll find out something incredibly IMPORTANT about saving your apps during the upgrading process.
  • On page 22 you’ll learn how to customize your PC into a 100 percent, fully-optimized, lean, mean, productivity machine
  • Also on page 22 – how to NEVER forget a login password ever again
  • On page 37 you’ll take your security to a whole new level and leave hackers baffled (HINT: BIOS is dead, the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is where it’s at)
  • On page 40 you’ll learn how to never lose files again, even if your computer is stolen or destroyed.
  • On page 51 you’ll learn how Skype on 8.1 is different than Skype on ANY OTHER OS
  • On page 62 you’ll learn all about the best keyboard shortcuts to save time
  • On page 63 you’ll learn a secret hack to extend your battery life!
  • On page 64 you’ll learn how to record live TV shows directly to your PC
  • On page 65 you’ll learn about the advantages of going Pro and how to get the most out of it
  • On page 66 you’ll learn what Windows RT 8.1 is REALLY for
  • BONUS CHAPTER: Windows 8.1 Update 1 – the new “Spring Update”
  • BONUS CHAPTER: Who is Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft CEO?
  • BONUS CHAPTER: What is Windows 9 and when should we expect it?

How can you get this PDF eBook?

There are two easy options.

You can purchase the eBook itself (instant PDF download) for just $9.95 by clicking the image below.



You’ll get…

  • Windows 8 – 50 Questions and answers you need to make a decision
  • The Windows 8 Business Checklist: 25 things companies need to know before they upgrade
  • Windows 8 Security – The comprehensive overview
  • Inside Windows 8.1: Microsoft’s newest Operating System update

This limited time bundle offer (a $40 value) is only $24.95.

That’s a whopping 40% discount!

To get the bundle, click below.


Whether you get the bundle or the eBook, I hope you enjoy learning about Windows 8.1 as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

To your success!

Onuora Amobi


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