Windows 8/RT Gmail access via EAS ends today, Windows Phone 8 users granted extension

Not too long ago Google announced they were dumping support for the EAS protocol when accessing Gmail, Calendar and Contacts. Originally the move would affect both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 users.

The good news is that Google has backed down on the decision, sort of. Microsoft and Google apparently have reached an agreement and Google is now extending EAS support for Windows Phone 8 until July 31 of this year. This gives time for Microsoft to work on adding CalDAV and CardDAV protocol support to Windows Phone. Microsoft says that after July 31st Windows Phone users will still be able to connect to Gmail, Calendar and Contacts through existing support of IMAP and the addition of the new protocols.

What about Windows 8 users though? No such luck, today is the last day of EAS support. What does that mean exactly? It means that if you get a Windows 8 or Windows RT device after today and attempt to use Email, Calendar and People apps for syncing with Google services– you will be out of luck.

There is a little bit of a silver lining here, though. Those who have already used EAS to sync up with Windows 8/RT will continue to be able to do so in the future. Additionally, there is a work around that Microsoft is offering where you add your Gmail contacts and mail through a Microsoft account, which will allow you to sync with these apps, with the exception of the Gmail Calendar.

Honestly, this is an inconvenience to say the least but the good news is we have a few options for email at least, including said workaround. There is also always the option of switching to a different email provider, like, but understandably those that have been with the same account forever might find it impractical to make a switch now.

What do you think of the whole EAS controversy? Is Google being unreasonable here or not? Share your thoughts below.

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