Windows 8's Desktop UI Is Getting Metro-Fied

11,300 word novel blog post discussing Windows history in the GUI department. While very long, it is actually interesting enough read that ends with making a pretty big reveal- we haven’t seen everything yet. Jensen revealed that Aero is getting the boot, calling it out as both dated and cheesy. Instead, Microsoft is working to create a new look-and-feel for the desktop that is clean, crisp and ultimately feels more at home beside the Metro touch UI. We don’t know much about the new UI, other than it should help further bridge the gap between the two interfaces and make them feel more unified. You might be thinking you don’t have to wait too much longer to see it, with Windows 8 Release Preview just around the corner in June. You are flat wrong, Jensen Harris states that the RC will see subtle hints at the new UI for the desktop, but not the full picture. In what is one of the strangest moves, and a total first, from Microsoft, they aren’t showing us the full reveal of the new UI until the FINAL release. That’s right, change is coming, but we don’t get a chance to play with it first. While it slightly annoys me that I won’t get a chance to see it first-hand with the Release Preview, it is also a little exciting because it builds anticipation as to what the new UI for the desktop will actually look like. When Windows 8 first showed up, many users complained not only that they seemed like two different interfaces/operating systems, but that all the changes were relegated to Metro, this goes at least a little way to make sure that there are some real differences between Windows 8’s desktop mode and that in Windows 7. What do you think of a more Metro-fied desktop? A good thing, a bad thing, or are you indifferent about all the UI changes present in Windows 8? Share your thoughts below!]]>

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