Windows Azure Now Generates Over $1 Billion In Annual Revenues

Add another in the list of Microsoft divisions that have annual revenues in excess of the billion dollar mark. Windows Azure, Redmond’s cloud services business now proudly boasts such a figure.

Microsoft has, over the years, been awfully coy about Windows Azure numbers.

While the technology titan did declare that its cloud platform had customers in excess of ten thousand, it stopped shy of providing any further details. Until now, that is.

A new article on Bloomberg has Microsoft revealing the numbers, and according to the company not only does the division generate more than $1 billion in annual revenue, subscriptions for Windows Azure have also gone up by 48 percent in the last six months.

James Staten, a Forrester analyst believes that this puts Microsoft in control of 20 percent of all cloud and cloud-related businesses. Better yet, the technology titan is poised to increase this share to 35 percent before the year is out.

The company’s biggest rival in this domain, Amazon, currently lays claim to 71 percent of the market.

According to ZDNet, Windows Azure now joins a select group of around a dozen divisions at Microsoft that bring in more than $1 billion every year — these include subsidiaries like Windows, Xbox, Office and Dynamics, among others.

Another division that is all poised to reach this elite club is Office 365.

Microsoft continues its worldwide efforts to court customers to make the jump to its cloud-based office productivity platform. And if everything goes according to plan, this division could hit the ten figure mark in the next few months.

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