Windows Azure Storage Pricing Slashed By 28%

The fight for cloud storage market share takes a turn for the better. A price war seemed to be taking shape after the recent price drops by Amazon and Google — the latter twice in one week. Now Microsoft has joined in the fun with a discount that could amount to as much as 28 percent for some customers. Google reduced the price of its standard Google Cloud Storage by round about 20% towards the end of November. Amazon responded almost instantly by announcing a 25% discount across the board of its S3 cloud storage service. In a surprising move, Google countered by another 10% slashing, bringing in a total 30% reduction in price once you include both cuts. Not to be left behind, Microsoft rang its war bells by announcing a drop on December 5, set to go into effect on December 12. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the clear leader in the cloud services market, Microsoft Azure is making ground fast. The company announced in July that it stored more than 4 trillion objects, and process an average of 270,000 requests per second — with a peak of 880,000 requests per second. Mind-blowing numbers, which every way you look at them! Microsoft last dropped storage costs in March this year by 12%. This recent reduction towards the end of the year by all three means that the giants of cloud storage are well and truly into what seems like a price war. And this couldn’t be better news for customers. The fight for shares in the emerging (and highly competitive) cloud market undoubtedly promises to be an interesting one come next year.]]>

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