Windows Azure Store Debuts New Add-Ons, Expands To New Markets

Microsoft’s cloud platform continues its ascent to the top. This time the integrated Store introduces new add-ons while also adding 25 brand new markets to the Windows Azure Store.

The public cloud platform last got the taste of an update a month or so back, with Redmond promising more goodies soon. Well, that soon has arrived and Chris Lattner, the senior product manager for Windows Azure made the announcement in a blog post, saying:

“If you have not experienced it yet, the Windows Azure Store is a place to discover, purchase, and use premium app services and data sets which complement and extend the native functionality of Windows Azure.”

The newest additions to the Windows Azure Store include Blitline (offering online image processing through an API), Cloudinary (imagine manipulation in the cloud) and PubNub (which is a real-time messaging system for web and mobile apps).

Another new entrant is VS Anywhere (enabling real-time collaboration for Visual Studio).

These four apps take the total count of add-ons available through the Windows Azure Store to 24. Getting there, Microsoft, getting there!

Lattner also made a separate blog post confirming that the Windows Azure Store is now available in 25 new markets, including Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore.

These are in addition to the 12 markets that were already supported — including the USA, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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