Windows Azure Store Gets An Update

Microsoft recently updated the Windows Azure Store, and added new services as well as new partners that it previewed last fall at the company’s BUILD 2012 conference.

The Windows Azure Store enables users to discover and purchase premium add-on services that are provided by partners for the company’s cloud based applications. Along with add-ons, Redmond also outlined its plans on increasing availability of the store in new markets.

Scott Guthrie made the announcement in a blog post, making a note of the new additions:

“The Windows Azure Store makes it incredibly easy for Windows Azure customers to find and subscribe to great add-on services from a variety of partners. The store automates purchasing, management and billing of these services and allows you to perform all of the tasks associated with them in the same consistent Windows Azure Management Portal that you use to manage other Windows Azure features.

For example, you can use the Windows Azure Store to easily set up a MongoDB database in seconds, or quickly set up an analytics service like New Relic that gives you deep insight into your application’s performance.”

The company’s corporate vice president and head of Windows Azure application platform said that there is an ever expanding list of apps and data services available on the store — many of which include a free tier, allowing customers to try them with so obligation.

Currently available in 11 markets (US, UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain and South Korea), the Windows Store is also set for an expansion and availability in more countries around the world.

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