Windows Azure Team Acquires Startup MetricsHub

One of the things I like about Microsoft is that they are very good about getting new companies and startups excited about developing for Microsoft-related products and technologies.
In October, Microsoft announced that they picked 10 companies out of 600 applications to participate for “Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure”. The effort saw the ten companies moved to Seattle for three months to receive advice from both Microsfot and other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The ten companies involved where Advertory, Appetas, BagsUp, Embarke, Fanzo, Mobiligy, Realty Mogul, Staq, Socedo and MetricsHub. The last of these left the biggest impression for Microsoft, though.

MetricsHub is a Bellevue, Washington-based company that’s goal is to provide “cloud monitoring with incident detection and prebuilt workflows for remedying common problems.” Like the other startups choosen for this great program, MetricHubs spent three months developing their idea and receiving mentoring, and in January all ten startups presented their final ideas to a panel of investors.
Like I said, MetricHubs left the biggest impression, and Microsoft decided that the startup’s future should lay with Microsoft. Today Microsoft announcedo n the Windows Azure blog that MetricsHub is now part of Microsoft, though obviously they didn’t detail specific financial terms when it came to the deal.

Here’s what Microsoft’s Bob Kelly had to say on the Azure blog about the deal:

I am excited to announce that we are welcoming cloud monitoring startup MetricsHub – a participant in the Microsoft Accelerator, powered by TechStars- to Windows Azure. As an innovator in Active Cloud Monitoring, a technology that automates cloud performance management, MetricsHub helps customers more efficiently manage their cloud services at a lower cost.

Microsoft is already providing an early “pre-release” version of MetricsHub’s Active Cloud Monitoring program to all current Windows Azure customers, free of charge. Further talking about what
MetricsHub’s software could bring to the table, Microsoft says:

Their approach to automating performance optimization, with little effort on the part of customers, addresses these issues.  It also ensures customers are only paying for what they need and maximizing the services they’re using.

This whole deal just highlights how important Microsoft-led competitions, mentoring programs and other special programs can be. Not only can they benefit a smaller company by hooking them up with investors or even buyers, they also give Microsoft a way to scan for potential talent that they might want to add to the company.

What do you think of MetricsHub’s new software, are you an Azure customer excited about the free pre-release or not? Share your thoughts below.

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