Windows Blue May Silently Improve Metro Apps Via Windows Update

No prizes for those of you who guessed it, but there is a strong possibility that Redmond may bring forward silent updates for its apps using the Windows Update.

A post on BetaArchive reveals that Microsoft has already updated the Movie Moments app that was included in the recently leaked build 9385. This particular app got a refresh this weekend with users noticing the version number getting a minor little bump.

Originally the Movie Moments app in build 9385 came in at version number 6.3.9385.0, but after the silent update several users are reporting their app is now at 6.3.9394.0.

A look at the Windows Update installation history showed that the new version of the above mentioned app was successfully installed, along with several other apps that got this unexpected facelift — including PlayReady Client, VCLibs Preview Internal and WinJS 2.0 Preview.

The vanilla flavor of Windows 8 only offers the possibility of updating Metro apps using Windows Store. Users have no option for automatic updates, and they have to fire up the Windows Store app after getting notified that there are new apps to be installed.

Including this silent update option would streamline the whole process of getting the latest versions of Windows 8 apps for Windows 8.1 users, and save them from the trouble of constantly visiting the Windows Store to get the latest updates.

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