Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 hardware may run on Intel Bay Trail Processors

Windows Blue may very well run on the next-generation Intel “Bay Trail” tablet processor.

Yesterday, at its annual conference in Beijing, Intel discussed their new high end microprocessor.

An “entirely new Atom microarchitecture…will [enable] the most powerful Atom processor to-date, doubling the computing performance of Intel’s current-generation tablet offering,” Tan Weng Kuan, vice president and general manager of the Mobile Communications Group, Intel China, said today at IDF Beijing.

Apparently, the Bay Trail chip will allow designs “as thin as 8mm (0.3 inches) that have all-day battery life and weeks of standby.

Bay Trail will also pack four redesigned Atom processor cores that get closer to mainstream Intel processors in performance and like Ivy Bridge processors found in laptops today, Bay Trail will use Intel’s 22-nanometer manufacturing process and 3D transistor tech.

The next Atom is expected to appear in tablets for the 2013 holiday season.

Thanks to Quad Tronix for the tip.


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