Windows Blue Preview coming to BUILD Conference

A lot has happened on the Windows Blue front since just last weekend. Not only has Blue leaked to the public in an early form, Microsoft has also now confirmed its existence and promised it will be telling us a bit more about the update come June, at their latest BUILD conference.

There is a lot to like about Windows Blue based on the knowledge we’ve gleaned from the leaked version. Windows Blue features a new file manager, improved multi-monitor support, a new slide-to-shutdown feature, improved app-snapping features and so much more.

You might be tempted to give it a try, but you should know that the leaked build is far from a final version of Blue and might not be the most stable experience around. If you do decide to track it down, it is best to do so using Vmware.

For the rest who wish to wait, you’re wait might not be long. The Verge has claimed that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that BUILD won’t just bring us a few new details about Blue, it will also see the release of the official Windows Blue Preview.

This is an interesting development because if Blue is only a Service Pack+ and not a yearly OS upgrade plan, why release a preview at all? Perhaps I’m reading to much into it at this stage, but I think there are very important implications about the idea of Blue being considered significant enough by Microsoft to warrant a preview build.

For those wondering, these same sources claim that unlike Windows 8, Blue will have just this one preview and then the final version will arrive sometime in the fall.

While I imagine the preview build will only be for Windows 8 Blue, it would be interesting if Microsoft also gave us Windows RT Blue and Windows Server Blue. Only time will tell, though.

What do you think of Windows Blue, based on everything we know so far? Excited or not?

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