Windows Blue Rumored To Hit RTM In June, Brings Improved Faster Kernel

Windows Blue rumors continue to surface, and the latest is that the new update is expected to reach the RTM development stage in June, which puts it in line with the assumed August release date.

New information from various sources was gathered by The Verge, and according to them the Milestone Preview is said to come with an update to the kernel, bringing it to version 6.3 and with it several new improvements.

The kernel is said to be deeply optimized, provides even faster boot times, a smaller footprint and better power consumption — I wonder how well that will go with Intel’s upcoming Haswell chip, which are already said to be fine-tuned for low power consumption.

Scaling of Modern UI apps is also said to be improved in this new iteration, most likely to accommodate smaller (and by the same token, larger) tablets.

Another rumor floating around is that Windows Blue could be offered up for free to Windows 8 users. Since it is supposed to be the first major makeover for Microsoft’s newest platform, it will only be available for those that have already deployed the latest operating system.

Smells of a service pack? You bet.

Regardless, a public beta of Windows Blue is projected to arrive in just a few months, as development has reportedly reached the first of two stages.

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