Windows Blue Start Menu Said To Feature Shut Down And Reboot Options

The start button included with the upcoming Windows Blue is a point of great interest amongst the technology community. Despite confirming that it will be included in the final version of the OS, Microsoft, for its part, has been somewhat mum on details.

Windows 8, on the other hand, no longer offers a fully featured Start Menu, as you may well be aware.

Instead it comes with a smaller replacement menu that plays this role — and is accessed by pressing the Win+X combination on the keyboard.

Reports suggest that few users use this feature, even though Microsoft believes this is a handy little menu for Windows 8 users that want to quickly load the most essential options, like power and program options, Task Manager and the Control Panel.

But now a new screenshot posted over at Win8China suggests that Microsoft is planning to introduce a couple of handy new options in this menu for Windows 8.1, including the ability to reboot and shut down the system.

As you can see from the image above this new menu (said to be part of Windows 8.1) will also offer shortcuts to access network connections.

If such an option is ultimately included, it will undoubtedly make it even easier for Windows 8.1 users, at least on desktops and laptops, to quickly reboot or shut down their PCs.

Again, keep in mind that this is just an alleged screenshot that has leaked, and there is no way to confirm yet whether it is real or not. The preview version of Windows Blue, set to be unveiled at the BUILD developer conference on June 26, will validate this rumored option.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see a small menu like this that could be accessed by right clicking the Start button in Windows 8.1? Take to the comment box.

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