Windows Blue Start Screen Could Allow Syncing Across Devices

It stands to reason that computing technology has reached an awful high level of technological innovations. While revolutionary changes still are (and should be) expected, the next frontier is enhancing and improving the current ones available.

The ability to sync (or synchronize) has long been available on computing devices.

Now it seems Microsoft is set to bring easier synching right to the Start Screen of Windows Blue, allowing for the Start button replacement to be imported to another computer.

That’s right, now you can carry your customized Start Screen from one computer to another.

The Start Screen synchronization option has just been discovered by Paul Thurrott over at, who suggests that signing in with the same Microsoft account on two different computers running Blue will allow the replication of the color scheme, pinned tiles and their sizes.

Prepare to have a personally streamlined Start Screen experience on your Windows 8 tablet and desktop PC or laptop.

At this point though, the “Sync” option in Windows Blue Control Panel does not seem to work, which is unsurprising when you consider that the leaked alpha is just an early build of the operating system.

There is also a chance that sneaky old Redmond is trying to keep some options from prying eyes as it works to refine and fine tune them. Either way this is one of the several promised improvements in Windows Blue, and we will know more about them as we head towards summer.

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