Windows Blue Start Screen To Feature Animated Tattoos

Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be offering several new customization options for the Windows Blue Start Screen, and a new report now confirms an interesting new setting.

The Start Screen will be significantly improved in the upcoming version of Windows, and one of the improvements is what McAkins calls static and animated tattoos — they allow users to tweak the background.

How these tattoos work is simple enough. Users can customize them by choosing a secondary Start Screen color, and the OS takes it over from there. It remains to be seen what Microsoft calls this option in the final version of the operating system, but this subtle new feature is quite appealing nevertheless.

The animated versions are obviously a throwback to the famous Dreamscenes that came with Windows Vista, and basically allowed users to set a video as a desktop background.

This time, however, the idea is to make the animated tattoos much lighter and more resource-friendly, meaning computers will not be dramatically slowed down if users decide to use them.

More details are expected to be released on this particular feature later this month when Microsoft launches the public preview of Windows Blue at the BUILD conference.

What are your thoughts on this new design feature? Do you see yourself using it regularly, the animated ones in particular, if the art is good and they do not put too much of a drain on resources? Share your thoughts below.

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